About Us

Teasel Meadow Farms is a small pig farm located in Central New York, situated between Rochester and Syracuse. We Specialize in raising Heritage and Berkshire cross pigs with a high focus on meat quality. We focus on raising pigs with high health, fast growth, and durability for pasture raised environments. We use a combination of Berkshire, Hereford, Red Wattle, Tamworth boars on our white sows who are outstanding mothers to produce a robust pig.

What we do

Teasel Meadow Farms focus is to provide breeding stock to those wishing to raise high quality natural pork in the northeast. We also are growing our meat sales business. Teasel Meadow Farms is increasing its production to supply local demand for feeder pigs, roaster pigs, and butcher pigs. We work with a local slaughter facility that is USDA inspected. We can supply local meat markets and restaurants with fresh, local grown, high quality, naturally grown pork.

We are a small farm located in Central New York, situated between Rochester and Syracuse.

About the Teasel:

  • Teasel is a plant in the genus Dipsacus. There are about 15 different species of teasel. These flowering plants are tall and leafy (herbaceous). They are biennial plants and are native to (come from) Europe, Asia, and northern Africa. They can grow to be 1 to 2.5 metres (3.3 to 8.2 ft) tall.
  • These plants have a prickly stem and leaves. Its flowers are purple, dark pink, or lavender and grow directly on the end of the stem. After flowering, the head of the plant dries out and holds small seeds. These seeds are important food in the winter for birds, especially the European Goldfinch. Teasels are grown in gardens and nature reserves to attract these goldfinches.
  • In the United States, teasel is an invasive species. It is not native to the continent and takes over the land of native plant species