How to Order



When you buy a half or whole pig, you will pay $3.00/lb hanging weight.

What is Hanging Weight?

Good question. Hanging weight is the weight of the animal before it is processed into steaks, sausage, roasts, etc. This will be more than what you actually take home with you. When the animal is processed, fat, bone, and other waste is taken off to make the various cuts of beef. Therefore, when the meat is packaged and boxed, it will weigh less than it did when it was hanging.

For example, a half that is 90lbs hanging weight will be approximately 65lbs in take-home weight, when you pick up your pork. You can maximize your take-home weight by ordering ham hocks for example – items
that would be discarded.

The Ordering Process


Below you can fill out a form to indicate the quantity (Whole, Half) and the cuts you’d like to receive.


We will send the animal to the butcher once the whole animal is spoken for.


Once the butcher receives the animal, the hanging, packaging, and freezing process takes about 2 weeks.


Once your pork is packaged and ready we will let you know when you can pick it up from the butcher.

Order Form

Select the quantity you would like to order.
Use this box to request other cuts or to supply additional instructions/comments.